For those times when I need to get away, yet not be separated from all technology and musical equipment, I have created a studio that fits into a small backpack:


It contains all I need to have an enjoyable getaway, and still make music, take video, and play with some electronic toys, should I desire.  Here's what's packed in here:

  • 15" Intel i3 laptop, Windows 10, with Reason 11
  • Alesis QX25 Two octave MIDI control keyboard
  • Lexicon Alpha audio I/O with mic preamp
  • GLS ES57 mic (Shure SM57 clone) and XLR cable
  • iPad (with rsTouch Pro app for Reason, and Litchi software for DJI drone)
  • folding iPad stand
  • Sony pocket audio recorder
  • Vivitar micro 1080p video camera
  • Waterproof case for above, and various mounts
  • Various SD, micro-SD cards, and thumbdrives
  • 1TB USB hard drive (full of movies, plus extra storage for video, etc.)
  • USB 3.0 SD card reader
  • USB 3.0 hub
  • TP-link TL-WR702n pocket Wifi router/AP/bridge/repeater
  • Laptop AC adapter
  • 6x charging cubes (USB, USB-C) for charging phones, iPads, etc.)
  • 3-way AC outlet adapter
  • Various USB/charging cables (USB-B, USB-micro-B, USB-C, Lightning)
  • folding over-ear headphones
  • Bluetooth speaker (BOOM swimmer)
  • LED floodlight
  • LED flashlight
  • Google Chromecast

And to play with and experiment with code:

My DJI Phantom drone, transmitter, and lighting kit are packed separately.